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Footjoy Contour


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Clubhouse Golf

At last year’s Open, Footjoy celebrated a quarter of a century as the most worn shoe at the best tournament on planet golf. That’s quite an endorsement. The reason for Footjoy’s dominance is that they don’t simply churn out the same old favourites. and their Contour range is a good example of that. A construction often found in running shoes (where there is no insole board) makes for a more flexible, contoured underfoot platform. Add that to poly urethane linings that give an impression of leather but provide a more comfortable fit and you can see why they’re so popular.


The design guru's at Footjoy have clearly been working overtime to make these the most comfy, snug shoes around. What's best is that despite they're soft interior they look smart on the outside. You can't go too far wrong with Footjoy and at £80 they represent awesome value for money