Golf Monthly's ECCO Cool Shoe Review, a premium model packed full of performance-enhancing technology with a focus on enhanced breathability

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ECCO Cool Shoe


  • Exceptional levels of comfort coming from best-in-class breathability combined with ample grip and stability


  • The premium price tag may be too much for some


ECCO Cool Shoe Review


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ECCO Cool Shoe Review

Recent launches from Danish shoe company ECCO would suggest that the sky really is the limit when it comes to golf shoe design. The Cage model was daring in its looks but the innovations that featured always had the performance benefits to the golfer in mind.

This theme continues into the ECCO Cool shoe. Its eye-catching design is the product of tireless work with waterproof specialists GORE, with unique Gore-Tex Surround technology at the heart of the shoe’s performance.


This is an advanced air channelling system within the grid-shaped sole structure that allows excess moisture and heat is able to escape through the upper Gore-Tex membrane, as well as laterally through the highly breathable midsole.

This 360° breathability exists without compromising on waterproof protection either, so your feet stay dry in all conditions. For more info on the tech, click here.

As we all know, a dry foot is a comfortable foot out on the course, which is why we noticed the benefits this technology provides, especially on the bottom of your feet which is wear moisture tends to gather most.

“These are amongst, if not the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn”

Mike Harris, Golf Monthly editor


But it’s not just during the round you’ll feel the comfort from the enhanced breathability. The luxurious soft-feeling leather and under foot cushioning mean the ECCO Cool feels almost like a trainer and promises to be one of the most comfortable cleated shoes you’ll try in 2017.

Despite the excellent comfort, the outsole is made from a relatively firm and rigid material, which provides the stability and traction that really comes into its own when going after a drive, playing in wet conditions or from sloping lies.

The shoes do come with a premium price tag, but ECCO has packed all of its golf-shoe-making know-how into this design and you’re certain to enjoy the feel on your feet all year round should you make the investment.


The ECCO Cool provides high levels of out-of-the-box comfort that continues until the 18th green thanks to excellent breathability, soft-feeling leather and underfoot cushioning. It looks set to be one of the best-performing premium golf shoes on the market in 2017 that will keep your feet dry in all conditions.