Golf Monthly's Ecco Cage shoe review, a cleated model with a cage-like structure that locks the heel in place for extra stability during the swing

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ecco Cage shoes


  • Excellent stability and grip as well as sufficient cushioning underfoot.


  • The look of the cage structure in the heel area won’t be to every golfer’s taste.


Ecco Cage shoe review


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Ecco Cage shoe review

Key technology
This shoe focuses on stability through eight cleats on the sole, as well as a new heel-wrap design which aids comfort and flexibility. This is constructed by injecting a shock-absorbent material directly into the mould, allowing the sole and the upper to be bonded directly together without the need for any glue or stitching, giving a more watertight seal.

An anatomically designed outsole also aligns and moves in unison with your foot’s key ligaments and muscles, with the snug heel combining with a roomier forefoot area. The lightweight Caldera leather is stain-resistant, easy to clean and water-repellent, thanks to Ecco’s Hydromax treatment.

Will suit
Golfers who prioritise stability and traction from their shoes.

GM verdict
Ecco’s focus for the Cage is stability when hitting shots, but also the need for comfort when walking between them. It is built on a completely new last and, as a result, has a different shape to the Biom models.

The cage-like structure, along with a rigid outsole in this area and what looks like a narrower fit, really do cement the heel’s position. The fit becomes roomier towards the toe area, providing relief as you stroll, while the soft leather enhances the overall experience.

The eight-cleat pattern not only offers excellent traction on different lies, but also encourages weight transfer through the ball with the way the cleats are positioned in the heel area for a right-hander.

The Caldera leather gives the shoe its matte, athletic look, and while it’s still arguably not Ecco’s best-looking shoe, the level of overall performance surpasses its more stylish spikeless designs.



The Ecco Cage shoe offers performance those who move around too much during the swing are looking for. The stability and grip on different lies out on the course was noticeable, without losing out on comfort. The premium leather just adds to the appeal and while Ecco's spikeless offerings may be more visually appealing, the Cage offers the overall performance they can't provide.