Elliott Heath tests out adidas' spikeless Adicross Retro golf shoes to see how they perform out on the golf course...

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Adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes


  • Extremely comfortable, versatile and very decent value for money.


  • May not offer the best grip in the winter months. Styling may put some off.


Adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes


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Adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes

The adidas Adicross Retro shoe is just what it says on the tin, a retro take on a modern day golf shoe that many will think looks fantastic.

We are certainly in that camp, with the shoe looking like a timeless classic that performs as a golf shoe as well as a street trainer too – that’s why we included it in our 2021 Editor’s Choice list.

It’s a leather shoe with water-repellent qualities, meaning it should keep your feet dry in most conditions and is easy to clean after your rounds.

The spikeless outsole features the brand’s Traxion outsole tread, which offered us absolutely fine grip on dry days.

We have noticed with adidas’ Boost Technology that it can be more difficult to clean but the Retro doesn’t make use of Boost and is therefore a breeze to wipe clean after 18 holes.

Without the superb aforementioned Boost cushioning featured in some of adidas’ other shoes, you may think that it’s a hard wear and perhaps not the most comfortable.

However, it really surprised us here and we found it to be perhaps even softer than a Boost shoe, with it feeling exceptionally comfortable out on the course.

It’s certainly more comfortable on the grass as oppose to hard ground, so don’t wear it when out jogging on the streets.

We experienced no blisters or any pain to the feet after the round, and part of that is down to us getting the correct size.

As always with adidas shoes we’d recommend going up a half or a full size to get your perfect fit.

The Retro is extremely comfortable and, if you love the styling as much as we do, we think you’ll get an awful lot of wear out of it down the pub or for general trainer use.

Adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes

It’s seriously versatile and well worth its modest £75 price tag, coming in at half the price of some of adidas’ and the industry’s most premium golf shoes.

After a few wears we did notice a slight scuff on the leather, which was beginning to fold in as many leather shoes do.

We’d recommend taking care of them with some leather cream and whitener and using shoe trees to keep them stretched out when not being worn.

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The Retro feels like a quality product, it performs just as you would hope on the golf course, can easily be worn off of it.

We also love the styling and how easy it is to clean.

It might not offer industry-leading grip or be to everyone’s taste but there’s certainly a market for it.

It’s also not the highest shoe so you may feel slightly lower to the ground than usual, but we didn’t find that an issue and, as mentioned previously, the level of comfort was surprisingly brilliant.

You might not favour it through the wet and boggy winter months, but for a summer or fair-weather shoe it is perfect.

If you like the look of the Retro and are seeking a comfortable, versatile, spikeless option, then we think you’ll be a big fan.


A fantastic-looking golf shoe that is comfortable to wear and versatile. Very good value for money at £75.