FootJoy Tour S Shoe Review - We put FootJoy's latest shoe offering through its paces to see if the performance matched the hype

Product Overview

Overall rating:

FootJoy Tour S Shoe


  • Delivers sky-high stability for power with control while looking stylish and cutting edge and being more than comfortable enough as a walking shoe.


  • Not everyone will benefit from extra stability or enjoy the textured pattern on the upper. There are softer-feeling shoes in FJ's range.


FootJoy Tour S Shoe


Price as reviewed:

£220.00 (BOA £230)

Clubhouse Golf

FootJoy Tour S Shoe Review

A golf shoe that’s stable is often talked about as a good thing and in the Tour S, stability has been the main focus. You can read more about the technology here.

XPS-1 was a great performing shoe that was albeit a touch heavy and Tour S does remind you of this in part when you look at it.

Slide them on to your feet, however, and the sensation is very different. Yes, the stability is there from the wide cleat positioning and more rigid outsole material, but there also a lot of comfort too.

footjoy tour-s-group

In fact, out of the box they feel fantastic on your feet – soft, lightweight and with premium, modern styling that will appeal to nearly all tastes.

The Launch Pods that stick out from the side will catch your eye but FJ designers have been clever here, making them out of a green, translucent TPU material. This significantly minimises their visual impact to the point where you don’t really notice them, although on some colourways they’re more noticeable than others.

These shoes unquestionably give you a solid base from which to swing. Not every type of player is going to enjoy or benefit from being locked in place in this manner, but the majority will experience an enhanced feeling of connection with the ground that should increase overall control during the swing.

The attention to detail, like the soft, tacky EVA tongue, special fit bed and Power Strap, all combined together to ensure your feet stay where they should be inside the shoe, which providing you’ve got the right size, will maximise power and increase their lifespan.

It’s unlikely you’ll hit your drives 10 yards longer than before should you lace a pair of these up but you’re giving yourself the best chance of hitting good shots more often.


Tour S is an impressive, all-round package that delivers golf-specific performance while being surprisingly comfortable as a walking shoe. There are softer, more comfortable shoes in FJ’s 2018 range, but none provide the total performance of Tour S. The attention to detail, premium materials and modern styling mean there is still good value in your £220 investment.