In this SIK Golf Pro C putter review, Joel Tadman takes it out on the course to assess the looks, feel and performance on offer.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

SIK Pro C Putter


  • Very consistent launch and subsequent roll, became very easy to judge speed.


  • Raw, dull finish finish doesn't match up with the premium price tag.


SIK Golf Pro C Putter


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SIK Golf Pro C Putter Review

SIK Golf is the putter brand used by Bryson DeChambeau, so it already has the tour validation many golfers look for initially.

He uses an Armlock version of the Pro C, a blade putter with the brand’s patented Descending Loft Technology where sections of the face decrease in loft from top to bottom in order to get consistent launch if your angle of attack changes.

At address, these putters won’t blow you away visually. The finish looks almost, well, unfinished, and quite dull and raw, although it does ensure you don’t get any glare from the sun.

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The shape is perfectly pleasing on the eye, the rounded corners and clean lines finishing off what is a classic, Anser-style putter with enough alignment assistance thanks to the way the black sightline stands out.

Performance wise, there is a lot to like about SIK – specifically how well the ball hugs the ground after you strike it and how consistent the distance of where putts finish is, especially from long range.


This is especially the case with larger models like the Flo, which we really liked too, but the Pro C still has a good amount of stability to help you get away with a poor strike.

SIK encourage you to get fitted for your putter because of the adjustable shaft system where you can swap out different hosel options to suit your stroke the best.

We’ve been through this process at Silvermere and it was genuinely mind blowing, in particular the level of detail and the intricacies of what goes into getting the perfectly designed putter for you. Hint, there’s way more to think about than you think.

We actually ended up with a DW 2.0 c putter and a double bend shaft, which was face balanced and not something we were accustomed to using but it performed best on the Quintic system.


Go through the custom fitting process and you’ll leave with so much more confidence. It’s an experience we would thoroughly recommend for anyone wanting to improve their putting and the Pro C is just one model in SIK’s impressive putter range.