We test the new SIK Standard DW putter, the putter brand used by Bryson DeChambeau, to see how it performs on the greens.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

SIK Standard DW Putter


  • Feels solid, both in your hands and at impact. Putts roll true and generate a satisfying click as the putter collides with the ball.


  • It’s one of the priciest flat sticks on the market. That’s before the $100 custom up charge for the matte black finish.


SIK Standard DW Putter


Price as reviewed:

£430.00 (US dollars)

Clubhouse Golf

SIK Standard DW Putter Review

This is the putter brand Bryson Dechambeau has used since 2017, as well as several other recent PGA Tour winners. Offered in a silky silver or with a matte black PVD finish that’s ultra-thin and durable, it looks great behind the ball. The DW stands for double wide, as it’s essentially the width of two blade heads, one behind the other.

SIK Standard DW Putter

SIK’s patented Descending Loft Technology, coined “DLT”, on the face consists of four planar surfaces that descend from 4 degrees at the top of the putter face down to 3, 2 and 1.

That’s important because golfers commonly lean the putter shaft forward or backward during a stroke, which consequently aims the putter face down or up as it makes impact with the ball.

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As a result, that drives the ball straight into the ground or lifts it up off the ground, respectively, causing an inconsistent roll. Even Tour pros rarely return the putter to the identical position at impact as it was at address. So this face automatically corrects the face loft at impact.

SIK Standard DW Putter

If you make contact with the ball higher on the face, you’ve de-lofted your putter, so DLT adds the loft back higher on the face to get the ball rolling quick. If you hit it lower on the face, you naturally loft the putter, so SIK putters correct the launch.

No matter where you make contact with it, you’ll always end up with an ideal launch angle of 1.5 to 2 degrees. The net result is better distance control and accuracy.

The grip feels tacky and substantial in the hands, and the putter weight seems perfect for the head. On short putts, the ball seems to go on a straighter path. Longer putts seem to stay on track toward the target line. Distance consistency in our testing was impressive, as well.

SIK Standard DW Putter

Current blade or mallet users should find adjusting to this look a cinch, in terms of distance control, feel and how the ball comes off the face.

The black PVD finish on our test model was a great contrast against the white ball. The SIK Standard DW Putter was very easy to align, partly thanks to the slant neck that stayed out of the way so the face could frame the ball.


This very much feels and performs like the premium putter that it’s billed as. If a scientific mind like Dechambeau thinks the DLT in the face helps the ball roll better, who are we to argue?