Odyssey Toe Up Putters

This unusual concept is said to reduce clubface rotation to help you hole out more often

Odyssey Toe Up putters
Golf Monthly Verdict

I was actually quite surprised at how well I putted with the Odyssey Toe Up putters. There is a wide blade and a rounded mid mallet shape and both are easy to align and offer good feel and sound with a true roll. Once you get past the unique look initially, most will enjoy what it brings to the greens. It should certainly be a model to try if you’re looking for a new putter this year.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    The concept seems to work in reducing clubface rotation and provides the excellent feel and roll we come to expect from Odyssey.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The unusual look takes some getting used to and may put people off initially.

Golf Monthly's Odyssey Toe Up putters review, a pair that feature a unique 'stroke balanced' concept said to reduce clubface rotation

The new pair of Odyssey Toe Up putters brings a relatively new concept to the golf market where the heads are ‘stroke balanced’, meaning it is weighted in such a way whereby the toe of the putter points up to the sky if you were to balance it on your finger.

It a similar concept used by Bryson DeChambeau and his Edel Golf 'Brick' putter but otherwise, use of this style of putter on Tour is scarce. Odyssey have done this by moving more weight to the face of the putter and creating a new hosel configuration, which should mean the clubface rotates much less during the stroke.

Odyssey Toe Up Putters

In theory, this should suit golfers that currently use a face balanced putter or those that have minimal arc to their stroke. I’ve never really been a subscriber to fitting certain weights of putter to stroke types – we as humans can swing any putter how we want – but after a few putts with these Toe Up putters it becomes clear that there is a noticeable reduction in the face rotating open and then closed during the stroke.

You have to get past the looks first. On both the #1 and #9 models the face sits forward of the shaft, which is unusual to look down on initially. It also tends to mean the face points to the left and you therefore have to lean the shaft forwards to set it square to your target.

Odyssey Toe Up Putters face

Alignment is made simple by the three ‘HD’ white parallel sight lines on the back, which have a darker black outline than the rest of the head to make them stand out. This highlights face angle but also stroke path as well.

With the Metal X face pattern, the roll was very good as you’d expect and they felt very soft too. This feel is helped by the SuperStroke grip, but not everyone will enjoy the stitching at the back of putter grip running in the fingers.