Titleist T300 Iron Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman tries out Titleist's new T300 irons.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist T300 Iron


  • Hot feel, high ball speed that produced consistently long carries from an iron that maintains a classic look.


  • Low speed players may struggle to see big carry distance gains given the low loft and spin.


Titleist T300 Iron


Price as reviewed:

£125.00 (per club)

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Titleist T300 Iron Review

Key Technology

  • Max Impact Technology comprises a silicone polymer insert that provides support behind the face so it can be thinner, improving all-round speed, launch and feel and sound without sacrificing durability.
  • A medallion dampener behind the face helps soften the feel at impact.
  • A sole with more camber improves turf interaction and forgiveness.


At address, the T300 iron has a relatively thick top line on show combined with a touch of offset and a shiny, darker finish than the other T-Series irons, which arguably makes it look more compact than it is.

Titleist T-Series Iron Range Review

The 718 AP1 was one of the best game-improvement irons of the last two years and the T300 looks to be the iron most like it in the new T-Series range.

Titleist T-series-outdoor-web

The biggest improvement comes from the feel of the club – it certainly feels like the ball comes off the face a lot faster – the clubhead feeling solid and stable with the sound not too hard or clicky, which is often a common complaint of game improvement irons.

With a 7-iron loft of 29°, a degree stronger than the outgoing 718 AP1, you would expect more distance and we certainly got it.

T series iron data new copy

The T300 spun around 700rpm less on average than the T200, so it produces more of a rainbow flight that launches high and comes down on a slightly shallower descent angle.

Carries with the 7-iron were in excess of 190 yards for us and were consistently around that number, with a ball speed average of a whopping 128 mph. This wasn’t at the cost of trajectory for our above-average swing speed though, in fact it flew only a few feet lower than the T200 and the much more traditionally lofted T100.


This is Titleist’s out-and-out distance iron and while those with enough speed will probably look elsewhere for more manageable distance, mid-to-high handicappers that require help and assistance with their ball striking for longer, straighter carries will welcome what it is on offer from T300, especially from the longer irons. It’s a distance machine but in a classic look you come to expect from Titleist.