Mizuno MP-25 iron review

Golf Monthly's Mizuno MP-25 iron review, a player's model that benefits from Boron-infused steel for the first time to increase ball speed across the clubface

Mizuno MP-25 iron
Mizuno MP-25 iron
Golf Monthly Verdict

One of the best-feeling players irons you'll test this year and they look great in the bag. Offering a touch more forgiveness and distance than the bladed MP-5 but still in a compact packages that encourages shot making. A must try.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ample distance in a set that looks fantastic, feels hot off the face and yet soft like you would expect from a forged iron.

Reasons to avoid
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    Very good players may not find the MP-25s to be especially workable

Golf Monthly's Mizuno MP-25 iron review, a player's model that benefits from Boron-infused steel for the first time to increase ball speed across the clubface

Mizuno MP-25 iron review

Key technology Mizuno's use of boron within its steel forging process allows engineers to make the faces thinner for more distance and increase perimeter weighting for more forgiveness. This is the first time boron has been used in an MP model, designed for better players seeking a soft feel and a compact, workable head design. A micro-slot pocket cavity in the long irons increases distance further.

GM Verdict

Address View Aesthetics The MP-25 is a picture of perfection down behind the ball. There’s minimal offset, but a thicker topline compared with many other true better-player irons on the market. These features will undoubtedly broaden the range of players who will enjoy the look and performance this set offers.

Shelf Appeal From all angles, this is a beautiful-looking golf club. Good players will appreciate the size, shape, playability and superb feel, while game-improvers will benefit from the extra distance, as well as forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Shaft Project X shafts are known for their low launch and penetrating flight, while still being relatively lightweight. When combined with the irons’ traditional lofts, the resulting flight offers the ideal balance of trajectory and stopping power.

Head Construction Using boron within the Grain Flow Forging process has allowed Mizuno to implement a Micro-Slot pocket cavity into the 3- to 6-irons for greater ball speeds. However, the MP-25 still delivers the feel and touch demanded by the players this iron is aimed at.

Mizuno MP-25 iron

Head design The offset increases slightly as the clubs get longer, but, through the set, the MP-25 maintains its traditional look and compact size. The forgiveness certainly comes from the technology inside the head, rather than the profile. The irons with no cavity felt slightly firmer and less springy, but distance gaps weren’t affected significantly.

Weighting As a result of thinner faces, additional weight has been placed at the perimeter to raise the moment of inertia. The result is a more forgiving iron that offers higher ball speeds across the face – a combination every golfer will enjoy.

Forgiveness The mid-sized toplines and blade lengths mean the MP-25 irons retain the look of an MP model, but in a less- intimidating package. Add in the consistently soft feel and accuracy from different strike points across the face, and distance control becomes one of the club’s strongest and most significant attributes.

Distance While having traditional lofts, the MP-25 irons carry the ball further than their MP-5 counterparts – also new in Mizuno’s 2015 line-up. Better players will be likely to experience some form of distance increase over their current set, but, more importantly, these distances are consistent and joined by a soft feel that is best in class.

Flight The mid-to-high trajectory means the excellent stopping power isn’t offset by a ballooning flight. In fact, the peak height didn’t vary too much through the set, making control of distance an easier task.

Impact sound and feel Arguably the irons’ best quality. These clubs are incredibly hot off the face, as reflected in the distance, while retaining the soft feel you expect from forged models. The sound is also understated to match that soft feel – less hollow than the JPX850 Forged. It’s a combination you’re unlikely to find elsewhere and really sets the MP-25s apart from the rest.