We put the Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid through its paces out on course, on the range and use the launch monitor and give our full verdict.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid


  • Sharp, sleek looks with plenty of forgiveness and stopping power into greens.


  • High spin reduced distance compared to its competition.


Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid


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Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid Review

Building off the success of the D7 series of clubs, Wilson Staff’s newest D9 range aims to deliver a hybrid for golfers who put a premium on easy distance and plenty of forgiveness.

Joel Tadman tests the latest hybrid models and compares the performance

The first thing we took note of with the D9 was its looks. For what some would deem an entry-level hybrid , it strikes a premium and symmetrical look at address that inspires confidence.

It’s a fairly compact head for a hybrid that is as forgiving as this one, and the all black crown and subtly alignment aid adds to the appeal, although we’d have like it to be easier to align.

The Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid presents a clean look at address.

Performance wise, the D9 slightly disappointed from an overall carry perspective with the 19° head offering just 211 yards of carry on average – leaving it bottom of our standings versus other hybrids launched this year.

With the ‘D’ in D9 standing for distance, this was a disappointing showing versus its competitors, and much like the D9 fairway wood and driver it was down to excessive spin. We weren’t fitted for this club, it was in the standard stiff shaft offering, so if you do get dialled in with it you may have a different experience.

The higher spin may also become beneficial for the higher handicap, slower-swinging golfer this club is aimed at so don’t rule it out based on this alone.

However, what you do lose in overall distance you gain in control, consistency and ball flight, with the D9 being one of the most consistent hybrids we tested this year.

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From a dispersion and distance perspective, it was hard not to hit the same shot with the D9 hybrid.

This kind of consistency will suit the golfer who wants a trusty club to get them out of some trouble, but there’s nothing standing in the way of the D9 being an attacking, scoring club too.

The D9 created the most spin of any hybrid we tested this year, making it a great option for approaching greens from distance, with plenty of stopping power making it great on long par 3s too.

Wilson offers this hybrid in six different lofts – from a 17° 2-hybrid down to a 31° 7-hybrid – catering for golfers who want something to replace a fairway wood all the way down to a 6 or 7-iron.

At this price point, it’s an ideal option if you are looking to invest in more than one hybrid and we’re sure that higher handicappers will gain more confidence with the clubs at the top of the bag thanks to the D9.


An affordable hybrid with performance and looks that is somewhat comparable with its pricier competitors. While there are hybrids out there that will give you more overall distance, you'll struggle to find one as consistent or forgiving as the D9.