Moju Turmeric Shots

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Moju Turmeric Shots Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

An excellent supplement to your health and fitness routine that is proven to aid muscle recovery. Nicest when mixed into a shake, these handy bottles of turmeric are a great golf supplement.

Reasons to buy
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    Proven to decrease muscle pain and damage out on course. The handy size of the bottles means they are easily put in a golf bag.

Reasons to avoid
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    It's an acquired taste.

In this Moju Turmeric Shots review, we discuss how these handy bottles can help you perform your best on the golf course.

Moju Turmeric Shots Review 

Turmeric has properties that can help you recover more quickly and endure less aches and pains following golf.

Turmeric is often talked about these days within discussions on effective sports nutrition. This is largely because of curcumin, the main phenolic compound in turmeric. It has been investigated recently due to its numerous medicinal properties and health benefits.

In recent studies, athletes supplemented with curcumin displayed reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, decreased pain and muscle damage, superior recovery and muscle performance, better psychological and physiological responses (thermal and cardiovascular) during training and improved gastrointestinal function.

Turmeric may also help with arthritis and improve blood sugar levels.

The Moju Turmeric shot delivers a concentrated natural shot of this super spice, and it can be taken either on its own or mixed into a shake.

The Moju Turmeric Shot is a 60ml bottle of 100% cold-pressed functional drink made from all-natural whole ingredients.

Moju Turmeric is formulated with 16.3g of fresh turmeric root. The shot also contains black pepper to help with absorption.

There’s no added sugar or sweeteners and Moju donates 1% of sales to plant healthy air in UK cities and their bottles are made from 50% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. It comes in a pack of 12.

You can either take the Moju Turmeric Shot once a day or as part of your exercise and fitness routine.

Handy for the golfer on the course, small 60ml shot size turmeric drinks can be taken on the course in the golf bag or kept in the locker to be taken after the round. One of these turmeric shots per day can help with soreness and inflammation, helping you practice and play harder.