Golf Monthly's Bushnell Tour X review, a laser rangefinder that provides legal and slope-adjusted distances in one unit through adjustable faceplates

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Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder


  • An excellent device that is easy to use and provides one of the longest and most accurate ranges. Jolt technology is reassuring and the faceplates are easy to switch.


  • The manual focus needed to be used much more frequently than on the Tour V3. Some will struggle to justify the cost.


Bushnell Tour X laser


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology
Bushnell’s newest rangefinder enables you to easily switch between slope- adjusted distances for practice, and traditional yardages for competitions using interchangeable faceplates. Jolt Technology gives you confirmation you have picked out the flag from the background. Its range reaches an impressive 1,300 yards, or 450 yards to a flag, with half-yards within 125 yards.

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GM Review
Having the option of also getting slope- adjusted yardages from a tournament-legal laser makes this a real niche product. It means you can now find out true yardages on deceptive par 3s during practice rounds, before swapping faceplates and playing legally in competitions.

Bushnell Tour X vs Bushnell Tour V3 laser rangefinders

The ability to flick between red and black crosshairs using the simple-to-operate Dual Display button makes a real difference when going from sky to a tree-lined background, or when conditions are overcast. The new ‘thumb space’ on the bottom makes this the most ergonomically designed Bushnell to date.

Bushnell has once again pushed the envelope with its faceplate technology. The slope-adjusted option provides great insight into how much hills and slopes affect the distance your shots travel without you also having to then shell out for a device you can use in competitions.



Yes it's expensive, but the Tour X is essentially to laser rangefinders in one. Plus, the accuracy and versatility on offer do a good job of justifying it. Switching faceplates is simple and the red slope version makes it clear to your playing partners which faceplate you’re using.