Bushnell has unveiled two new laser rangefinders to its line up, the V5 Tour Slim and V5 Shift Slim in a compact new design.

New Bushnell V5 Slim Laser Rangefinders Unveiled

Bushnell, makers of the best laser rangefinders on the market, has released two new additions to its line up, the V5 Tour Slim Edition and the V5 Shift Slim Edition.

By moving the battery housing to the back of the unit and slimming down the outer casing, Bushnell has produced two ergonomically-designed lasers that fit snugly into the palm of the hand.

This creates minimum interference when acquiring a target on the golf course and means these lasers can be held steady by all users in all conditions, creating greater confidence in distances when out on the course.

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Both V5 Slim Edition models feature a built-in ‘Bite’ magnetic cart mount, allowing you to securely attach the unit to a golf cart for use and easy access throughout a round.

Bushnell’s Jolt technology – a short vibration that runs through the device when a player has locked on to a pin – is also present in both models and now features PinSeeker, where a red ring flashes as Jolt vibrates to give golfers even greater feedback to know they have locked onto the flag.

Bushnell V5 Laser Rangefinders

Bushnell’s Bite technology allows the new V5 Slim rangefinders to be magnetically attached to golf carts.

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Furthermore, both new V5 Slim Edition rangefinders come with 1,300 yard range performance which is accurate to within one yard, 6x magnification, Fast Focus System with bright and clear optics for ease of use.

Both rangefinders also come with a premium carry case and a three-volt battery included as well as two complimentary ball markers a a two-year warranty.

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The V5 Shift Slim edition has a few extra features, with a new and improved slope algorithm being the headline.

This proven technology gives golfers an actual yardage to a target as well as an adjusted yardage based on the uphill or downhill incline of the shot you are about to play.

Of course, it is illegal to use slope functionality during tournament play, and so Bushnell’s Slope-Switch technology on the V5 Shift Slim makes it easy to switch between modes.

Both the V5 Tour Slim and V5 Shift Slim are available to purchase now with an RRP of £299 and £359 respectively.