In this TaylorMade SIM2 fairway wood review, technical editor Joel Tadman tests it on the course against the SIM2 Max to see how the performance compares

Product Overview

Overall rating:

TaylorMade SIM2 Ti Fairway


  • Incredibly hot off the face with higher-than-average launch off the deck producing long carries consistently.


  • It's as expensive as a lot of drivers.


TaylorMade SIM2 Fairway Wood


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TaylorMade SIM2 Fairway Wood Review

TaylorMade’s fairway wood offerings have impressed in recent years and in SIM2, golfers have a trio of models to choose from depending on the type of performance they’re after.

Looks wise behind the ball, golfers will be pleased to see that the visual elements from the SIM2 drivers carry over – most notably the slim white strip at the front of the crown that contrasts with the face to highlight face angle arguably more vividly than other of the best fairway woods on the market.


The carbon fibre piece on top is duller in colour but still has that carbon fibre effect on show to bolster shelf appeal. The SIM2 fairway has actually been made a little smaller to suit the eye of the stronger player and it sits absolutely flush to the ground.

Strike it away out of the middle and the first thing you notice is the driver-like feel. Balls shoot off like a rocket, fizzing through the air with penetration on a powerful flight that is likely to be higher than you were expecting. It had no problem in launching the ball from the deck, which certainly enhances the versatility.

In the case of SIM2, this is boosted further by the adjustable loft on the hosel, which goes some way to justifying the higher price tag versus the SIM2 Max model.

The lower spin of the SIM2 by about 300 rpm versus the SIM2 Max meant the flight was a little stronger, but both models achieved the same average carry distance of 241 yards.

Given how far these clubs are able to propel the ball, you might find yourself playing a little more loft to create the ideal gapping between your driver and hybrid, which is no bad thing given the extra playability this affords.

In fact, just like the SIM2 drivers, forgiveness and accuracy levels have gone up a notch here, giving you the confidence to go after shots that have previously felt intimidating.


The SIM2 was marginally our favourite of TaylorMade's fairway wood offerings because of the stronger launch conditions and the adjustable loft enhancing versatility. It's expensive, but go for a fitting and it will comfortably out perform what is currently in your bag and become a real asset on a variety of shots.