XXIO X Driver

XXIO X driver
The new XXIO X driver
Golf Monthly Verdict

Admittedly the XXIO X driver is a lot of money, but it’s worth a try if you lack distance, want a higher ball flight and to sample something a bit different in 2018.

Reasons to buy
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    Very forgiving on off-centre hits and has no problem getting the ball up in the air. For many the lightweight feel will increase clubhead speed.

Reasons to avoid
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    The super-premium price tag will be a stumbling block for many, the light feel may also reduce control.

XXIO X Driver Review - GM Editor Mike Harris gives his verdict on the new lightweight XXIO X driver having tested it thoroughly on the golf course

XXIO X Driver Review

Aimed at This driver is aimed at moderate-swing-speed golfers seeking distance and control.

Key technology With lighter components and a higher balance point, XXIO X’s Low Swing MOI helps increase clubhead and ball speed without any swing changes. The Smart Impact Shaft has a unique flex profile that works to reduce the forces that pull golfers off balance, resulting in more consistency. A High Energy Impact head provides increased ball speeds on shots struck in the low heel and toe, where most players tend to make contact.

How we tested We put a 9° stiff-shafted model in play for 18 holes at West Hill GC as well as testing it out on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor.


GM Review

Looks The dark, two-tone blue crown will please the eye of the majority. The fact it doesn’t extend right up to the face makes it look more lofted. It sits a touch closed, but has an oversized profile that boosts confidence.


Performance Slow- and medium-swing- speed players should experience an increase in club speed from the lightweight feel, assisted by the forgiving clubhead. This boosts distance and helps with dispersion. Tee shots were generally high and straight with the XXIO X driver.

In the right hands, this driver can certainly deliver performance comparable with most other offerings on the market. Our average-swing-speed tester was impressed with the forgiveness levels of the clubhead, as well as how the lightweight feel (the shaft is a mere 40g) translated into extra clubhead speed to maximise carry distance.

This won’t be the case for everyone – in fact, some might find the lightweight, 45.75in shaft difficult to control. But for slower swingers who need help getting the ball in the air, the make-up of this driver is ideal. It feels well balanced and incredibly solid from the sweetspot, and it seems to have a tendency to reduce a slice.