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Srixon WR driver


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Clubhouse Golf

The Srixon WR driver features a thick ribbing inside the back of the head which is situated slightly differently, depending on the loft. This helps to create the optimum centre of gravity for each club. Tungsten-nickel weights at the base of the toe and heel help to improve accuracy.

This driver should appeal to golfers who want workability from a 460cc head and like a classy-looking shape and finish. An impressive performer for under £200.  

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Like Srixon’s Z-RW driver, the Srixon WR driver has a compact head that anyone who doesn’t want too many distractions at address will appreciate. We were impressed by the impact sound, which is powerful without being too loud, as well as the high flight it produced. The design and the shape mean it is easy to hit a draw or fade when required.