We test out Galvin Green's lightest ever waterproof jacket to see if it provides the performance to match the price tag.

Product Overview

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Galvin Green Ashton Shakedry Jacket


  • Is incredibly thin and lightweight and yet provides exceptional protection from the elements as well as appealing comfort and cutting-edge styling.


  • Lacks side pockets. Not the quietest material when swinging.


Galvin Green Ashton Shakedry Jacket


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Clubhouse Golf

Galvin Green Ashton Shakedry Jacket Review

Key Technology

  • Weighing just 174g, it is Galvin Green’s lightest Gore-Tex jacket, thanks to the membrane being placed on the outside for the first time.
  • Inside the breathable, windproof jacket is a functional backer textile for greater comfort next to the skin.
  • Other features include shaped sleeves for easy movement, elastic binding on the cuffs, drawstring at the hem, water-repellent zippers and a chest pocket.

GM Review

The subtle print on the fabric, which has a slight shine to it, along with the flashes of bright colour and how well it fits, make it visually one of our favourite outerwear products.


It’s important that a waterproof jacket isn’t bulky, so it can be easily combined with other layers and not impede the golf swing. None possess this trait better than the Galvin Green Ashton Shakedry.

This one-of-a-kind jacket is incredibly thin and lightweight, to the point you barely notice you’ve got another layer on. It also takes up minimal space and weight when it’s stored in your golf bag.

Perhaps its most impressive quality is its water repellency. With the Gore-Tex membrane on show for the first time, golfers can see it working to prevent water from entering the jacket.


It beads straight off with the minimum of fuss, barely leaving a trace of water behind. This not only means it dries very quickly, but it also keeps the weight low and stops any chilling effect that can come from water staying in the outer fabric. It can also be combined with other layers underneath if the temperatures drop.

There are lots of nice golf-specific touches, too, like the hem drawstring, soft padded collar and specially shaped elasticated cuffs. It does lack side pockets, but it’s very comfortable as the material is surprisingly smooth and soft. The fact it is also windproof and breathable means it can be worn even when it isn’t raining, adding value.

We like the attention to detail – the zip stays flat and doesn’t wobble in the wind, for example. The drawstring at the waist and concealed chest pocket are also nice touches.


All in all, the Shakedry is an innovative, versatile outerwear piece that has the on-course performance to match the cutting-edge styling. Its suitability to both windy and rainy conditions means you'll probably wear it more than you think, enhancing the value for money considerably over a few years.