Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket

Our verdict on the unique Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket

Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

You’re not getting a lot of jacket for your money with the Angus Shakedry but that is exactly the point. The minimalist design saves valuable weight without sacrificing golf-specific functionality that allows you to stay dry, comfortable and swinging with freedom.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Keeps you bone dry. Ideal for use in milder temperatures or combined with other warm layers underneath.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Shiny finish won't suit all tastes. Not designed for warmth.

In this Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket review, we test it out on the course in different conditions to assess the performance

Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket Review

As we know all too well, rainfall isn’t limited to just the winter months. Showers that fall on hot days can be particularly uncomfortable, which is one of the reasons why the Galvin Green Angus Shakedry jacket is such an appealing prospect.

You’ll struggle to find a waterproof layer as thin as this in any sport, let alone golf. It has been made possible by the fact that the Gore-Tex membrane is on the outside, so you’re still getting that protection and breathability but without the bulk.


It's one of 14 Gore-Tex options within the Galvin Green men's waterproof range but it's unquestionably the lightest. Coming in at a mere 210 grams, it weighs less than four golf balls, and so storing it away in your golf bag for a rainy day doesn't mean you need to call upon your electric trolley.


The lightweight, thin design means it will keep you dry and won’t overheat if the temperatures are mild. It also means you can wear it in the winter with lots of warm layers underneath, something many golfers will appreciate if just wanting to slip it on when it actually rains rather than keeping it on for a long period.

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Styling wise, the shiny finish on the material won’t be everyone’s cup of tea although it certainly ensures that water beads off rapidly when it lands on the surface.


The subtle pattern on it adds a premium aesthetic to it and our size medium fitted very well, being snug but not restrictive, helped by the Velcro cuffs for a more tailored fit that also have abrasion resistant fabric to help with durability in high-stress areas.


The material itself isn’t overly stretchy but the elasticated panels under the arms that run down into the lower back certainly assist with freedom of movement, so it doesn't feel restrictive in any way.