Stuburt Thermal Gloves Review

In this Stuburt Thermal gloves review, Tom Clarke offers his performance verdict

Stuburt Thermal Gloves Review
(Image credit: Kevin Murray)
Golf Monthly Verdict

If you're someone who really suffers with cold hands in the winter, these gloves go some way to helping. A worthwhile option to have in the bag, for sure.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Remove the need to keep buying hand warmers

  • +

    Easy to adjust to find your perfect fit

  • +

    Offer plenty of grip in the wet

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Similar type gloves on the market have a more premium look

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When it comes to accessories, winter golf gloves are essential. The Stuburt Thermal gloves come as a pair (RRP £12.99), and for that reason they’re not going to appeal to everyone. Despite how cold the fingers and hands can get in the winter, some of us just prefer to wear the one glove. Wearing a pair of gloves when you’re playing… well, it just doesn’t look right.

I don't share this opinion, so I was only too happy to trial these gloves over the winter months – and they do a decent job. On the occasions where the temperature wasn’t that far above zero, my hands did still feel the cold. However, the fleece fabric did provide some much-needed warmth. Certainly without them, my hands would have felt pretty uncomfortable, and that’s no use, especially when it comes to playing touch and feel shots.

Stuburt Thermal Gloves Review

(Image credit: Kevin Murray)

Of course, if you’ve made the decision to wear a pair of gloves when you’re playing, what they absolutely mustn’t do is compromise grip and feel. This is the major worry for some and the reason why they are put off wearing thermal gloves to actually hit shots in.

However, the material isn’t actually that thick, so this isn’t a problem at all – there's no sense that you're losing any feel. To give you an idea of the thickness, you can swipe away on your mobile phone or GPS device easily enough, which also means that you don’t have to keep taking them on and off. 

If I turned up to play on a really cold day without my mitts and the pro shop stocked these gloves, I’d have no problems in parting with £12.99, and I’d keep them in the bag for when the temperature really dipped. I may actually wear them off the course. I’m not recommending you do the gardening in them, but I can certainly think of a few scenarios where the extra warmth would be welcome. 

Thomas Patrick Clarke
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