What’s The Oldest Club In Your Bag?

There is always bundles of new, shiny and outstanding equipment out there but which clubs are going nowhere?

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Padraig Harrington has had his Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 4-iron in the bag for the last eight years. He doesn't carry a 1,2 or 3 and can hit it as much as 230 yards and can play it high or low.

Henrik Stenson is famous for his Callaway Diablo Octane 3-wood, which returned to his bag this year. It debuted in 2008 but the Grafalloy Blue shaft in it goes back another five years to 2003.

We all have our favourite clubs, some of which disappear for a while before finding themselves back in the bag. We asked our forum members what their oldest club is and there was a lot of love for a few trusted flat sticks.  


My Titleist 910 driver and-3 wood. Custom fitted at Celtic Manor in 2012 and will stay in my bag until they break. Although if I put a sky mark on the driver it would have to go. srixon 1 


Callaway X2 Hot Driver, 3 wood, 3 and 4 hybrids. (also have 5 wood, 7 wood and 5 hybrid not currently in the bag - just loved that range!) All from around 2014. Just swapping the driver for an Epic Speed but the others will be hanging in for a while yet. Kaz

I have just replaced my Mizuno MP001 fairways that are about 15 years old and still have a Cleveland Halo 3-iron hybrid I bought new about 12 years ago. Old Colner

Bridgestone j33 7 wood … not sure on the release date but before 2010 … 2005 apparently, perfect justification for some shopping. harpo_72

TaylorMade Superfast 2.0 #4 hybrid. Still haven’t found anything better with the larger head shape. Reckon it was new in and around 2011. Beezerk

Nickent Ironwood hybrids 20 and 23K˚, 2004 I think. Early generation hybrids. A worthwhile development at the time, although there has been no technological advancement in hybrids since then. I haven’t carried a 3 or 4 iron since I got them. Backsticks

Until recently I was carrying a TM Rescue Mid from 2005. Lovely club. Replaced with a TM SIM hybrid over Christmas.


Oldest in terms of when they were actually released - two Ping G25 hybrids, which came out in 2013 I believe. Oldest in terms of how long it's been in the bag - my 50° Cleveland RTX-3. It's been in there four and a half years. I know that it goes around 100 yards on a full shot so it's handy to have just because it's a nice round number. Orikoru

The oldest club is my Adams original tight lies 7 wood. Such a good club. DRW

I’ve got a 2010 TaylorMade Tour Burner 3-wood that sometimes gets rotated into the bag, but nothing else close! Bdill93


TaylorMade TD irons around 1988 I believe 1-SW. My newest club is my putter, a YES Callie 2009 ish.. bobmac

A Mizuno T Zoid 2-iron. Picked it up on eBay for about £50. It’s knocking on a bit. My oldest golf ball, on the other hand, has had to endure no more than half a dozen holes in my company. Billysboots

golf 7 iron

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13 Clubs are fairly new, but the club I use the most after putter and driver is a 1988 Spalding Tour Edition 7 Iron, Which I use for nearly all the chipping around the greens, I can play it back in the stance for chip and runs or open the face for more lofted shots over bunkers etc.. The other 7-iron in the bag is a Callaway Rogue and there's no way I could use that around the greens. Steve Wilkes

The few irons I use (McGreor PCB Tours 7-PW) are from 2000. Putter (Bettinardi Xcelerator) is a few years younger. Foxholer

My regular irons are Titleist AP2s fitted and bought in 2009, used normally twice a week, I have no real desire to replace them although the grooves are getting a bit worn. I also still have my previous set of Titleist DTR Irons which were bought in 1984 and they come out occasionally for an airing. CliveW


A Vokey 54˚ wedge, I am guessing at least 20 years old plus a TM 25˚ hybrid of a very similar vintage (a gift from my son so although not always in the bag its not going anywhere). AAC

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedges, 52 (bent to 50) and 58 from c2008. I believe they’ll be illegal for competition use in 2024. Boomy

It would be my 48˚ Vokey wedge and Odyssey 2 Ball putter, not changed them since I started golf again around 2012/13. I looked at swapping the TwoBall for a Truss putter. What a load of rubbish that was. Cannot believe I paid £60 for the Vokeys. Tashyboy 

In my normal bag are two Wilson FG Tour wedges circa 2013/2014, but there’s wooden things in my fun bag.



A Rife Two Bar Hybrid mallet, I think it’s about 10 years old I can’t see me changing it ever. Doh

2013 Odyssey White Hot Tour #7H putter. Best putter I have ever had and it will take a lot to make me want to change it. Imurg

My putter is an authentic, hickory-shafted replica of a 1920s Spalding model. The oldest club that occasionally finds its way into my bag, however, is a 1977/78 Ram Zebra face-balanced mallet putter. Ye Olde Boomer

My Odyssey 2-Ball White Hot. My parents bought it for me back in 2006 and I'm sentimental about it! Now on its third grip as I'm always curious about changing the grip rather than the club. Mike79

I believe the oldest club in my bag is an Odyssey White Hot XG 330 putter from about 2009.

It could also be an old Benross hybrid v5 escape that is probably from the same era. Both were handed down to me from pals. I am building a 90s bag currently though, just missing a putter for that. Currently consists of Wilson irons from 1991ish and Titleist 975 driver and fairway wood from 98 I believe. HeftyHacker

My Yes! Valerie putter - had it about 14 years I think (sort of contemporary with me joining my present club). No intention of changing it any time soon. backwoodsman

Maxfli irons

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If it's in the bag then it will be the Scotty Cameron Red X2, which was a 2004-6 release, or a Futura Phantom Mallet 2 from 2005; they won't be going anywhere as it's getting harder to find centre shaft putters. Currently got a Futura 5S in from 2017. MP25s are from 2016 I think, along with the H5s. Hybrids are the 2018 MP CLK and ST200 driver & fairways from last year.

I've stuck to the current occupants of the bag, but I've still got a full set of Maxfli Revolutions from 2002 tucked away as a travel set, and some older Mizuno MS-3's (I think) and persimmon woods. Blue in Munich

My Rife Two Bar hybrid mallet putter. Bought in 2008/2009. My winter bag had a set of Maxfli Revolution Midsize irons, I'm guessing from about the early 2000s. Robster59

Ram Zebra putter - been in my bag since c. 1998. ExRabbit

Edel putter, fitted for and bought in 2010, only been out the bag two months in that time. pauldj42

Following a revamp of the bag this year my oldest club is now my putter, Never Compromise Exchange 2 centre shaft mallet probably around 10 years old. There are a few firm favourites in the store room which I have yet to bring up the courage to get rid of, the oldest of which is a Wilson Invex 7 wood, c 1992.. jim8flog

2008 Scotty Cameron Studio Select. BiMGuy

Putter, Scotty about 2007 I think. patricks148

Special mention…

It's not just one club which would be my 'new (ish) Ping Zing putter-;which has been done up and re-furbished since arriving as a sentimental buy and is now in the bag

But the 'blast from the past'-silly old fool that I am is a full set 3-S/W of Titleist DCI Oversize irons in one of the bags up in the loft, and yes, they do come out very occasionally - they're bloody heavy compared to today’s gear and who has 3 and 4-irons nowadays?

Addressing the anal side means I can wash, clean and polish all clubs including the various putters- I really need to get a life!! toyboy54

Late 1980s Ben Sayers Opel Line One putter, when playing handicap qualifying golf with Ping G10 and i10 stuff. All bought brand new. Today, 1978 Dunlop Maxfli Australian Blade irons 3-SW with a John Letters Banker 5 putter. Really like these irons. Voyager EMH

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