A German golfer holed a monster putt at the Myrtle Beach World Am to win $25k


WATCH: Woman Holes 100ft Putt To Win $25,000

A German woman named Silvia sent crowds wild at the 19th Hole during the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship after holing a monster putt to win $25,000.

Silvia Rosenberger from Berlin holed it dead-centre, skirting the bunker and judging the right-to-left break perfectly before she high-fived the crowd who were going crazy for her.

Contrasting reports say the putt is 60ft or 100ft so judge for yourself…either way, well played!

Watch the putt below:

She went for a victory lap to high-five the crowd after paying $5 to enter the putting contest.

Tournament organisers told Golf Digest that Silvia is the first person to make the final putt at the event since it was introduced seven years ago.

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