Try these on the practice putting green and you'll have more success from short range


4 Drills To Hole More Short Putts

Do you miss a lot of short putts? You’re in the right place.

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies talks us through four great practice drills to try on the putting green to help you hole more from short range.

4 Drills To Hole More Short Putts –

1) By standing on just my left leg, I’m developing my stability – a key factor in holing out more consistently from short range. Using the ‘flamingo drill’ will also help deliver more solid strikes, and prevent the hands from becoming too active.

2) To work on those short, breaking putts, set up a series of tee gates around the hole.

This will help you focus on the start line, and removes the temptation to look at the hole. Now you’ll have confidence from short range, whether straight or otherwise.

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3) Place two clubs on tee pegs to create a barrier. If you make a poor stroke – either too much on the inside or too much outside – you’ll hit one of the clubs. It also helps you groove a nice, small arc.

4) Stick a tee on top of your grip with a piece of Blu Tack.

If your hands are too active, the tee peg will poke your forearms. This is a simple drill that will help improve your hand action.

Photography: Tom Miles. Shot on location at Lumine

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