Titleist has launched three new drivers the Titleist 909D Comp, Titleist 909 D2 and Titleist 909 D3 to attract the attention of a broad spectrum of golfers with different swing characteristics.

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The Titliest 909D Comp has a classic pear-shaped head with a graphite crown married into the titanium head. This enables weight to be moved lower and further back in the head to enhance launch conditions for slower swing speeds.

The Titleist 909 D2 and Titleist 909 D3 also feature classic Titleist shapes. The D2 has a shallower face and is weighted to deliver a medium launch angle with low-to-medium spin rates. The Titleist 909 D3 has a smaller, 440cc head that should help improve playability.

Alongside the Titleist 909 drivers, they are also launching Titleist 909 fairway woods and hybrids. These will soon be featured both online and in print.