Titleist 909D3 & 909D2 drivers

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Titleist have bravely bucked the trend to stick to the maximum 460cc head size limit in a bid to offer better players more control from a smaller club. With our perceptions shifted over the last couple of years we felt that looking down at address, the 909D3 did look rather small. But while it may lack the yardage of the other two drivers, the ability to control the trajectory and shape made this an impressive performer. The 909D2 sits neatly between the other two drivers offering performance attributes from both. The classic pear-shaped titanium head has a traditional look and feel while also offering decent levels of forgiveness. We reckon the mid launch angle produced a blend of penetrating flight and impressive carry through the air that will help a range of different players improve both their accuracy and distance stats. Where next? More On Test: - Titleist 909D comp driver review - More driver reviews Video: - Titleist 909 D2, Titleist 909D3, Titleist 909 DComp driver reviews News: - Titleist 909D2 drives Davis Love to victory Galleries: - Titleist fittings pictures

The new 909 range includes three new drivers designed for better players with a wide variety of swing characteristics. The 909D3 has a classic Titleist pear-shaped head, which is 440cc to provide extra workability. The titanium head is weighted in a way that produces a mid-launch angle with low levels of spin.

The 909D2 has a shallower face and is weighted to produce a medium launch with low-to-mid spin. A weighted screw in the head of all three models repositions the centre of gravity deep in the head for increased distance. Three factory installed weight options mean the head and shaft can be tuned to match.



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