Twitter blew up over a video of Lexi Thompson in the rough. Here's what the Rules say...


Social Media Blows Up On Lexi Thompson Rules Incident… But Did She Do Anything Wrong?

A video of Lexi Thompson in the rough at the Women’s Open was doing the rounds on social media, where she was seen moving a piece of grass with her club.

The American was in the right rough on the 16th hole at Royal Troon where her ball was sat next to a big tuft of grass.

Lexi looked to move the grass away with her club before playing her shot, although it did come straight back to the original place.

Watch the clip below –

She was criticised on social media for the incident, but did she do anything wrong?

Update: R&A releases statement on Lexi Thompson incident

Commentators did not mention any wrongdoing during the coverage and she was not penalised by the rules officials.

Rule 8.1a states that you must not ‘Move, bend or break any growing or attached natural object’ if it improves the conditions affecting the stroke.

She did not actually improve her lie as the ball remained in the same spot, as did the grass.

The jury’s out, but it would be difficult to 100% say that she did anything wrong as both the ball and the long grass remained in the same spot, ultimately not affecting or improving her stroke.

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However, social media was not in agreement with plenty of accounts criticising her actions.

“@Lexi please explain what you’re doing with your club in pushing the grass away from the back of the ball. @LETgolf @RandA this is fine is it? I just need to be clear on the rules because at present, I seem to be confused like many others,” former European Tour player Gary Evans wrote.

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Lexi was involved in a high-profile rules incident in 2017 that ultimately cost her a Major title.

After the third round at the ANA Inspiration, a TV viewer noticed that she placed her ball down on the green in a slightly different spot to where she marked it.

The following day she was given a two stroke penalty for the incident, which was made into a four stroke penalty as she was then deemed to have signed for a wrong score.

Lexi was told by a rules official during the final round of the event and she went on to lose in a playoff.

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