Lexi has been cleared of any wrongdoing after a video emerged of her moving a tuft of grass next to her ball


R&A Issues Statement On Lexi Thompson Rules Incident

Lexi Thompson came under fire at the Women’s Open after being filmed moving a tuft of grass next to her ball during the opening round.

Lexi faced an approach into the 16th hole from the right rough where the tuft of grass was slightly in the way.

She moved it with her club but the wind then blew it back to its original position.

There were lots of criticisms on social media, saying that she should be docked two strokes, however The R&A have said that she has been cleared as it didn’t affect her shot.

“Yesterday, as part of its normal TV review procedures, The R&A viewed Lexi Thompson’s actions prior to playing her second shot at the 16th hole in round one of the AIG Women’s Open,” the statement read.

“Following a discussion between Chief Referee David Rickman and the player prior to her signing her scorecard it was determined that, although the player had moved a growing natural object behind her ball, it had returned to its original position.

“Therefore, the lie of the ball was not improved and there was no breach of Rule 8.1.”

Watch the clip from social media below:

Rule 8.1a states that you must not ‘Move, bend or break any growing or attached natural object’ if it improves the conditions affecting the stroke.

A breach of Rule 8 results in the General Penalty, which is two strokes.

She did move grass but in this instance she did not actually improve her lie as the ball remained in the same spot, as did the grass.

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