The 41-year-old returns this week after serving a three month PGA Tour suspension for marijuana use


Robert Garrigus Wants PGA Tour Marijuna Rule Changed

Robert Garrigus returns to PGA Tour action this week at the 3M Open after serving a three-month suspension for marijuana.

The American became the first player to be suspended by the PGA Tour for a “drug of abuse” in March.

Upon his return this week, he has been speaking to the Golf Channel on his desire to get the PGA Tour’s marijuana rules changed because “it doesn’t help you get it in the hole.”

“I wasn’t trying to degrade the PGA Tour in any way, my fellow professionals in any way. I don’t cheat the game,” he told the Golf Channel

“But the rules are the rules and I went over, and I got suspended.

“I am currently in discussion with the whole drug policies and the whole situation with that, that maybe we can probably get marijuana off that list because it doesn’t help you get it in the hole.

“I understand HGH (Human Growth Hormone), anything you are trying to do to cheat the game you should be suspended for 100%. Everything else should be a discussion.”

The former world number 35 and 2010 Children’s Miracle Network Classic winner on the PGA Tour was then asked whether the PGA Tour needs to re-evaluate its policy on the drug which is legal in some US states.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Just with the USGA changing Rules there should be some kind of discussion, somebody needs to talk about it. Marijuana should be on ‘that list’.

“If you have some sort of pain and CBD or THC may help that, and you feel like it can help you and be prescribed by a doctor, then what are we doing?”

“If you are doing marijuana then we should be testing for alcohol, too. If you can buy it in a store, then why are we testing for it? That’s my opinion.”

Garrigus has had drug troubles in the past, having revealed to Golf Digest that he and other players smoke marijuana during Nationwide Tour events during the 2002 season.

He also entered rehab in San Diego back in 2003 for 45 days.

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