Linda Briscoe-Knight sits down with the multiple PGA Tour winner and Ryder Cup player in this Dustin Johnson Q&A

Dustin Johnson Q&A – Interview by Linda Briscoe-Knight

Q: When and where did you first experience the game?

DJ: I started playing in South Carolina, where my dad was a golf pro growing up. So he introduced me to the game. Growing up I used to play golf, baseball, basketball and soccer, so golf was more of a summer sport but as I got closer to High School I concentrated on golf more.

Q: How old were you when you started the game?

DJ: I would say 5 or 6.

Q: Did you take to the game straightaway and did you take lessons?

DJ: No, I just played and picked it up. My dad would check me out whenever but a lot of it would be picked up by watching professionals and the better players at the club and of course my dad.

Q: Where do you play regularly and are you a member?

DJ: Back home in Florida I’m a member at The Bears Club, which is my main club but I am a member at a bunch of clubs.

Q: What type of course do you prefer? Links, parkland, desert, water hazard courses like those in Florida?

DJ: Parkland I guess, but I like all courses.

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Q: Have you ever had a hole in one? If so where?

DJ: Yeah, 11! I had one at The Open in 2011 on the 16th hole and I had one at Trump Doral last year on the 4th.

Q: Who is your favourite pro to play with?

DJ: I’m playing with Jordan Spieth this week, he is a good buddy and I like playing with him.

Q: Do you play with the opposite sex and do you like it?

DJ: Yes I do, I enjoy it.

Q: There’s nothing that annoys you about them in their golf game?

DJ: No, I play with my fiancee (Ice Hockey icon Wayne Gretsky’s daughter, Paulina) and sometimes with her mother. We have fun with that.

Q: If you could change one rule in the game what would it be?

DJ: Easy. I don’t like it, whoever it affects. When you drive it straight down the middle and it ends up in a divot. That should be ‘ground under repair’.

Q: If you had to play one course for the rest of your life where would it be?

DJ: Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas or Augusta.