Report: LIV Golf Planning To Expand To 15 Teams

Sports Illustrated reports that plans to introduce three more teams to LIV Golf in 2024 are being considered

Crushers GC celebrate with the trophy after winning the 2023 LIV Golf Mayakoba
Crushers GC could reportedly be joined by three more teams in 2024
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LIV Golf is still less than a year old, but, according to one report, consideration is being given to making a significant change for the 2024 season.

Currently, each tournament is limited to a 48-player field divided into 12 teams of four. That’s partly due to the shotgun start, which ensures that every player is on the course at the same time. However, that format still allows some room for expansion, and Sports Illustrated has reported that the number of teams could increase by three to 15.

There is significant emphasis on growing the team franchises as it is seen as one of the elements of LIV Golf that sets it apart from other circuits. Not only that, but if its franchise model takes off and the teams attract lucrative sponsorship deals, it will be a significant money spinner for LIV, which owns 75% of each franchise.

Significantly, three more teams would also mean that another unique aspect of LIV Golf – it’s 54-hole shotgun start - would not need to be compromised to accommodate the extra numbers. The report also states that the expansion could come from players on the Asian Tour’s International Series or via Monday qualifiers.

As for the progress teams are making in their efforts to grow their franchises, the report states that there is frustration among LIV officials that they are not doing enough, with only Sergio Garcia’s Fireballs GC having secured a sponsor so far, Mexican oil company Akron. Nevertheless, progress is expected soon with the other 11 teams in negotiations with various parties.

After an apparently freewheeling first season, perhaps epitomised by footage of 4Aces GC player Pat Perez partying on a private jet, it appears LIV Golf is determined to get its financial house in order.

As well as team winnings now going back into growing their franchises rather than the pockets of players, teams are also now taking care of their own travel expenses, rather than LIV. Having secured a multi-year TV deal and its first Major sponsor, it would be hoped that increasing the number of teams would also help make LIV Golf profitable in the long-term.

Whether the idea to adding three more teams gets beyond the drawing board remains to be seen, but regardless, it marks another show of intent for a venture determined to offer a viable long-term alternative to its great rival the PGA Tour.

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