For the first time in the 42-year history of the World Junior Golf Championships, UK junior golfers will now have to qualify in the UK.

For the 2010 Callaway World Junior Golf Championships, Megan Mahoney, executive director of the San Diego Junior Golf Association stated: “Players from the UK will be advised that they must qualify through one of your (UK) tours and that going through the (US) selection process is not an option for them.”

The British Junior Golf Tour (BJGT), which is in its sixth year of operation, has received 24 quotas (two boys and two girls in each of the six age categories) for the upcoming 2010 Callaway World Junior Golf Championships. The BJGT is one of the largest organisers of regularly scheduled, professionally run junior golf competitions in a safe, friendly and fun environment across the UK that allows junior golfers to gain competition experience.

The Callaway World Junior Golf Championships will be held in San Diego, California July 12-16, 2010.

Sign-up details and qualifying tournaments can be found on the BJGT website at

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