The Royal British Legion is well known for the extensive help it gives to veterans from conflicts in which British armed forces have taken part. With the current deployment of British troops in various parts of the world, many of these “veterans” are, nowadays, fairly young – yet still very much in need of the care we can provide thanks to your generosity.

To involve younger people in the work of the Royal British Legion, 2011 sees the launch of a national Junior Golf Challenge, and every Golf Club is invited to join in.

The event will be a national knockout tournament played as revised matchplay, with teams of four playing in pairs. Each pair will play their opponents over the full 18 holes and the side winning most holes overall would be the winners. This differs from normal matchplay where one pair might win 3&2, for example. The tournament will be organised on a regional basis in the early rounds to minimise travel. Semi-finals and final would be held in one location and RBL would be hosting that event (for players and organiser).

The event is open to all registered Junior GC Members, with a maximum age of 18 (March 31, 2011). Maximum handicap is 36 for girls and 28 for boys. Three-quarters handicap difference will be allowed.

A special website will have all the fixtures and ongoing results throughout the season and will also be featured on facebook.

To enter, or to find out any more information GCs are invited to send an email to the tournament organiser, Peter Smith, at:

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