The gigantic alligator spotted was an estimated 15 feet long and is commonly seen at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida

Gigantic Alligator Spotted at Florida Golf Course

Has the world’s biggest alligator been spotted at a Florida golf course?

The world’s largest alligator was measured in 2014 in Alabama at a staggering 15 feet nine inches and this one certainly challenges it.

The gator was spotted at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida recently taking a leisurely afternoon stroll down one of the fairways.

It was apparently on its way to a lake and could only walk 100 feet at a time before having to rest.

The beast was estimated to be around 15 feet long by Charls Helms who filmed it.

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“That is the biggest fricking alligator I have ever seen in my life” he says whilst filming.

“It must be 15 feet long.

“You ever seen anything that big?

“I think that’s two guys in an alligator suit.

“Dave get next to it for perspective.

“Holy c***…That is a monster.”

He seems in awe of what is in front of him and is staying back unlike his playing partner ‘Dave’.

Watch the video:

It’s not the first time the reptile has been spotted at the course.

Wendy Schofield who works at the course told 3 News, “He doesn’t bother anybody and they don’t bother him, he’s like a mascot for the course.

“He has been here for a very, very long time … There have been guesses that he’s 15 to 16 feet long.”

Alligators are commonly found on golf courses in Florida but they rarely pose any threat to humans unless provoked.

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