Golf Monthly pairs up with Callaway and Stoke Park to celebrate Callaway's 2014 product line which aims to improve golfer's distance on the course

Callaway teamed up with Golf Monthly to stage ‘Kings of Distance- Live!’, a day that aimed to help all 90 players in attendance find greater performance through gaining more distance.

Players were given the chance to test Callaway’s latest products whilst also learning from some of the most knowledgeable minds in the game.

The 90 players were split into eight groups and were given the chance to visit seven different zones throughout the day which ranged from sampling drivers to sampling irons and hybrids that aim to help players of all handicaps find extra yards in their performance.

Callaway Staff Ambassador and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach also taught the participants how to avoid the dreaded three putts.

Participants were also introduced to the media zone, where Rob Lee tested player’s media skills by simulating real-life situations that he had encountered as a Sky Sports presenter.

The grand finale event that rounded off the day saw one team crowned the Kings of Distance.

Two players from each team were asked to participate in the finale, which saw the longest combined drive win each member of the team a custom-fitted Callaway driver.

Throughout the interactive magazine readers are given the opportunity to use video and gallery buttons that unlock digital content from Kings of Distance- Live!

The day proved to be a success with all the competitors going home with a Callaway goodie bag.

Gary Townley ended the day with a note of praise at the day saying: “It’s been absolutely fantastic. The tour pros were great, we had so many little gems of advice and I now know custom fitting is absolutely essential. It was first class.”

To read the interactive magazine ‘Kings of Distance- Live!’, follow the link below.

Kings of distance