'He's Spending Most Of His Waking Hours Thinking About How To Better The PGA Tour For The Players' - Spieth Praises Woods Policy Board Impact

Jordan Spieth has praised the influence of Tiger Woods as negotiations between the PGA Tour and the PIF continue

Jordan Spieth during the Tour Championship at East Lake
Jordan Spieth has praised the influence of Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour Policy Board
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Jordan Spieth has praised fellow PGA Tour Policy Board member Tiger Woods for his impact as the circuit works on a framework agreement with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) behind LIV Golf.

The 30-year-old, who is one of 20 players in a field including Woods for the Hero World Challenge, recently joined him as one of six players on the board following Rory McIlroy’s resignation. Despite the three-time Major winner being only days into the role, though, he admitted he has already seen the huge influence Woods is having.

He said: “I mean, what he's done for us prior to any of this is can't be overstated. But it is really cool that he's spending the time and the effort that he has been. I know he doesn't sleep a lot, but he's spending most of his waking hours thinking about how to better the PGA Tour for the players.

"And he doesn't have to do that. He could ride off into the sunset if he wants. We know that's not his personality, but it is really, really cool that he's wanted to step up and take the role that he has.”

Spieth also explained that the 47-year-old’s huge experience makes him a vital component on a board that also includes Patrick Cantlay, Charley Hoffman, Peter Malnati and Webb Simpson.

“He’s not stepping in to throw influence anywhere," he said. "It just comes with him when he walks in the door. He's a listener and he has a lot of experience. He's seen the PGA Tour go through a lot of different changes over almost 30 years for him now.

“He comes with that kind of perspective as well as somehow a way of recognizing what can be good for the PGA Tour and its entire membership when he's never been an ordinary member, but it doesn't seem lost on him.

Tiger Woods prior to the Hero World Challenge

Tiger Woods has earned praise from Jordan Spieth for his influence on the PGA Tour Policy Board

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Negotiations with the PIF are entering a critical period with a deadline for a way forward between the parties set for 31 December. 

However, Spieth seemed unfazed by the tight schedule to reach an agreement, adding: “There's nothing but optimism amongst the player directors. Collectively we feel that we're going to get something done that's great for our Tour, and hopefully done by the same deadline that we've been trying to.”

Spieth also addressed the frustrations held by many on the secretive nature of the talks that brokered the deal between the PGA Tour and PIF, and echoed Woods’ sentiments from earlier that “it can’t happen and it won’t happen again.”

He continued: “I don't think it can happen again with - with kind of what's happened since then. The moves that have been made and where the governance structure of the Tour is, I don't think it can again.

“I think if you polled players, probably frustrating or a little confused to start would be probably the words that would come up. But I think we'll end up in a better place than we've ever been and hopefully that's - we're able to see that soon.”

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