Spelling bad news for golfers everywhere, a recent YouGov pol claimed golf is the most boring sport in the world.

Golf Voted Most Boring Sport By YouGov

We golfers have always known that our sport isn’t commonly regarded as very exciting, but surely it piques more interest than DARTS?

Well, not according to a recent poll by YouGov it doesn’t.

After surveying several thousand respondents, the leading data analytics firm concluded that, with 70% of those who’d ever watched it finding it boring, golf is officially the most tedious sport in the world.

In fact, its apparently so stultifying that of the 70% of voters who said that they found the game boring, 52% went further and added that it was exceedingly so.

Fortunately, though golf was the runaway loser, it was far from being the only sport that Brits snore at.

American Football also got a bad press from the poll, receiving the dubious honour of being voted the 2nd most boring with 59% of voters saying it was boring/very boring.

Cricket and Darts came tied 3rd with a similarly bad disapproval rating (58%).

The most stimulating sport was atheletics with 47% of respondents finding the sport exciting.

It was closely followed by Tennis and Football, both 48% exciting, though the latter was really an opinion splitter, as 40% of voters also accused the sport of being boring.

YouGov is usually a pretty reliable indicator of public opinion, but it has to be said that Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the polling company’s results.

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