Unique JuCad Trolleys Launched - The German company will be introducing its premium, minimalist golf trolley range to the UK.

Unique JuCad Trolleys Launched

German brand JuCad is introducing its latest stylish, hand-built golf trolleys to the UK in spring 2020.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, JuCad has made precision-built golf trolleys for over 30 years and its products are thought to be highly desirable across Europe thanks to high-end style, technology and design.

Spearheading the range will be the titanium-framed JuCad Travel, which has a minimal, unfussy frame and a seemingly-invisible battery housed in your golf bag during play.

Lighter than many other golf trolleys, the Travel can be carried with one hand and folds quickly and tidily into a small size – even if you drive a car with a very small boot.

With the motor housed within the slimline axle and how it breaks down into a number of small pieces, golfers are able to take this trolley abroad on holiday inside their travel bag.

Other features include a height adjustable handle bar, rotary control switch for drive, reverse and neutral functions and automatic preset distance control button to send the trolley off 10, 20 or 30 yards or metres. Golfers also have the option of controlling the trolley with a remote control handset.

JuCad trolleys are also said to be highly durable and robust, tackling the steepest of hills (with a handy auto-braking feature), roughest ground and worst weather.

Across the JuCad range there are models with titanium, carbon and stainless steel frames offering varying degrees of foldability, power, control methods and personalisation.

Also coming to the UK is the JuStar range of golf trolleys which offer quality and performance for the slightly more price-conscious golfer.

JuCad golf trolleys are available in the UK now at selected retailers, including Premium Golf at Worplesdon GC in Surrey, Capital Golf in Central London, and Core Golf near Oxford.

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