The Titleist TSi Drivers and Fairways unveiled today promise to extra performance thanks to a new ATI 425 face, faster shape and improved adjustability


Titleist TSi Drivers And Fairways Unveiled

More than two years since the initial TS driver range was launched and then subsequently added to, Titleist has unveiled its new TSi2 and TSi3 drivers.

The ‘i’ stands for impact, innovation and inertia because the company has made some significant design changes to increase the club speed, ball speed and forgiveness of the drivers.


How the TSi2 (left and TSi3 drivers look at address (Image credit: Titleist)

Firstly, a new crown shaping is said to reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 15 per cent versus the TS drivers to help increase clubhead speed while a softer toe section is the product of tour player feedback.


(Image credit: Titleist)

The clubface inserts themselves are made of an exotic material called ATI 425. Made in the US, it is an aerospace grade titanium used in applications such as NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander and jet engines because of its high strength-to-weight ratio and elasticity and durability properties versus conventional titanium alloys used in golf. Every TSi driver head is CT tested in multiple locations to make sure performance is at the maximum allowable limit.

Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

Titleist has also improved the inertia of the driver, especially in the top-to-bottom direction, to provide more consistently high ball speed and lower, more stable spin rates.


(Image credit: Titleist)

There are two models to choose from initially, with further options to be added to the line next year. The TSi2 features a low and deep centre of gravity for speed and accuracy across the face thanks to a fixed flat 9g weight at the rear.


(Image credit: Titleist)

The TSi3 features a more compact, pear-shaped profile and a new SureFit CG Track positioned around the rear skirt of the driver. It has five positions for the 8g weight to slot into, ranging from H2 (most heel/draw biased) to T2, to alter the shot shape and launch characteristics of the driver.


(Image credit: Titleist)

The weight position is now visible when in position, unlike the cartridge that was hidden in TS3, and because it is positioned at the very back, it increases the stability on off-centre hits.

Titleist TSi3 Driver Review

In both drivers, a fitter can alter the moveable weight by +/- 4g to adjust the head weights as well the 16 independent loft and lie settings on the Surefit hosel.

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As well as featured shafts like Kuro Kage, HZRDUS and Tensei, three premium options from Graphite Design are available with a £170 upcharge.


(Image credit: Titleist)

The Titleist TSi fairway woods also boast a new aerodynamic shape as well as ARC 4.0, a channel behind the face with shorter walls to provide more face flex, higher launch, lower more consistent spin and increased ball speed.


(Image credit: Titleist)

Just like the drivers, the TSi2 fairway is more players that want high launch and maximum forgiveness while the TSi3 fairway has a smaller profile with a deeper face as well as the SureFit CG Track comprising three positions for a 12g weight to slot into – H1, Neutral or T1.

Fittings for the Titleist TSi metalwoods commence on October 22nd and the clubs go on general sale from November 12th with the following RRPs: drivers £519, fairways £279.