Neil Tappin provides his Titleist TSi2 driver review, assessing the looks, feel and performance

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Titleist TSi2 Driver


  • Easy to flight. Provides consistently good distance with plenty of forgiveness in a package that still looks classic and inviting behind the ball.


  • No shot shape adjustability. Simple, understated look might not be for everyone.


Titleist TSi2 Driver


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Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

The Titleist TSi2 driver has been designed to be easy to hit and consistently long. It does that through a combination of new technologies.

Titleist TSi2 driver sole view

The first is the ATI 425 face insert. This titanium alloy is higher in strength whilst also providing greater elasticity, the result being more ball speed across the face. In particular, Titliest says golfers will notice even greater levels of forgiveness on shots hit both high and low on the face. 

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The head of the TSi2 driver has also been reshaped to reduce drag and help players increase their clubhead speed. 

Titleist TSi2 driver face

Behind the ball, the Titleist TSi2 strikes an ideal balance between looking generous in size and easy to hit without seeming too big or clunky. It looks significantly bigger than the TSi3 model – even though both are 460cc heads – and it has a more rounded toe area than the previous generation TS2. All of this combines to create a really inviting look as you stand over the ball. 

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Titleist TSi2 driver address view

The Titleist TSi2 (left) has a larger footprint than the TSi3 (right)

The first thing we noticed about this driver was how good it sounded through impact. Whilst the previous generation drivers were a little higher pitched, both the TSi2 and TSi3 offered a more powerful acoustic. Shots struck from the middle created an appealing ‘thud’ that we think all golfers will enjoy.

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During our testing for this Titleist TSi2 driver review, there were two things that really stood out about the performance. The first was how easy the TSi2 was to launch. For me, the TSi2 launched at 10.1˚ versus 9.5˚ with the TSi3 in the same static loft. This meant I could swing relatively smoothly and still deliver really powerful ball flights.

Titleist TSi2 driver fitting

The second was the consistency. When shots missed the centre of the face, and there were quite a few of those, the spin rates remained impressively consistent, averaging 2682 rpm during my fitting. As a result, I didn’t experience looping ball flights and big drop offs in distance when I struck the ball away from the centre of the face.

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As an overall package that neatly balances distance with forgiveness and consistency, the Titleist TSi2 is truly impressive. Having also improved the all-important feel by delivering a better impact sound, Titleist has made significant improvements to its offering at the top end of the bag.


The Titleist TSi2 driver is an exceptional all-rounder. It has that classically aspirational Titleist look whilst also being easy to hit and consistently long. Whilst the premium price tag might be too far for many to stretch, there is no doubt it is backed up by an overall performance to match.