Cleveland Golf has added two new HB SOFT putter ranges to its line-up for 2021 designed to enhance feel and distance control

New Cleveland HB Soft Putters Introduced

Cleveland Golf has unveiled two new HB SOFT putter ranges, both of which are designed to optimise distance control across the entire face thanks to the company’s proprietary Speed Optimised Face Technology (SOFT).

As well as the new Huntington Beach SOFT Premier, Cleveland has launched a raft of new Huntington Beach SOFT models to add to their already impressive line-up that includes the expanded Frontline range.

Building on the foundation previously established by their unique face designs, the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters feature more condensed milling on the centre of the face, while towards the heel and toe the milling frequency decreases.

Cleveland HB SOFT Putter

Image credit: Cleveland Golf

This unique diamond CNC milling, which is specific for each model, will give golfers the ability to better control distance on the greens no matter the strike location.

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Additionally, the range comes with two different grip options to cater for different stroke types. For those with an arcing stroke that opens on the way back and closes on the way through, the Lamkin Sinkfit Pistol grip, in conjunction with the toe-down weighting option in the head choice, will help manage clubhead rotation.

For those with a more straight back and through motion, the larger Lamkin Sinkfit Pistol grip and face-balanced head will be more suitable.

Cleveland HB SOFT Putter

Image credit: Cleveland Golf

Finally, every putter from the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier range comes in a premium grey satin PVD finish that is sure to give players extra confidence when lining up putts.

“The Huntington Beach SOFT Premier builds upon the success of our current putter line-up,” said Joe Miller, Product Expert at Cleveland Golf Europe.

“With new head shapes, sleek designs, and a fitting system for every stroke type, we have a putter that will help any golfer improve their performance on the greens.”

Cleveland is also releasing a further eight new tour-proven shapes to the Huntington Beach SOFT collection, which includes the #4, #8 and #11 models and works using a similar fitting system.


The Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters are available for £139, while the new Huntington Beach SOFT models can be purchased for £119.

Both ranges come in a variety of hosel types, weights and balance points, and will be available from UK and Ireland retailers from March 20th.