Cleveland has announced the launch of its new CBX Full-Face wedge, featuring grooves across the entire face for more versatility

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge Announced

Cleveland Golf, a brand known for making some of the best wedges on the market, has announced the launch of its brand new CBX Full-Face wedge, adding to its impressive line-up that features the more forgiving CBX2 and tour-played RTX ZipCore.

Built with grooves across the entire face rather than the traditional design which leaves a space on the toe, the CBX Full-Face will offer golfers extra versatility around the greens as well as more forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges

Image credit: Cleveland Golf

Now that the Rotex Milling, Laser Milling and Tour Zip Grooves cover every millimetre of the clubface, players can enjoy maximum spin no matter the strike point.

Additionally, the club has been designed with a high toe and a low C-shaped sole, both of which will give players more control of the face and extra confidence to slide the wedge under the ball, even from tight lies.

Cleveland also say golfers will have more consistent strike patterns thanks to the specifically placed cavity in the heel and the solid muscle back on the toe that shifts the centre of gravity away from the hosel and more in line with the typical impact location.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges

Image credit: Cleveland


Strike is king when it comes to wedge play so expect this half-cavity design to offer better feel and, as a result, more consistency.

“Our new Cleveland CBX Full-Face is a perfect way to complete our wedge line-up,” said Joe Miller, Product Manager at Cleveland Golf Europe.

“It helps golfers execute the most demanding shots they’ll encounter thanks to a larger striking surface with extended grooves running across the face.

“It does this while maintaining great feel and the signature forgiveness golfers have come to expect in every Cleveland CBX wedge.”

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedges come in four different lofts (56°, 58°, 60° and 64°) and can be purchased for £139 with a steel shaft or £149 for those who want graphite.