Cleveland's CBX Full Face wedge is a worthy inclusion in our Editor's Choice List for 2021.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

There is a growing trend for some of the best golf wedges to say exactly what their design is all about in their names, from TaylorMade’s Hi-Toe to this latest Cleveland CBX model.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

Full Face Grooves

You won’t be surprised to learn that ‘full face’ means that the entire hitting area features Cleveland’s Zip Grooves to give you better performance right across its Rotex milled face. Although it may look odd to those more used to an ungrooved toe area, the performance benefits are genuine with spin, and therefore control, more consistently wherever you make contact.

There’s also a noticeable cavity in the heel area while the toe retains the more classic muscleback look of a high-performance wedge. This has two benefits: it adds to the level of forgiveness on off-centre strikes and shifts the centre of gravity further from the hosel and closer to the typical strike location for improved consistency.

Ample Versatility

Cleveland isn’t the only brand to offer full-face grooves, and although it is an unusual sight if you’re used to the more traditional style, you’ll quickly get over that when you experience the performance on offer.

We found we could play a wide variety of shots with added confidence, from slightly open-face flop shots, where the low C-shaped sole really comes into its own, to the kind of tight lies that fill most club golfers with dread.

There’s no doubt that the levels of spin on offer are exceptional and this can lead to added confidence and perhaps even a more adventurous spirit in your short game. But what we most like is the versatility the sole design allows. It means you don’t have to worry so much about bounce angle, safe in the knowledge that this club will be able to deal with whatever your ball’s lie throws at it.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge