Mizuno RB566 Balls Unveiled - The new RB566 and RB566V balls from Mizuno claim to offer superb distance and a prolonged ball flight

Mizuno RB566 Balls Unveiled

Mizuno has unveiled two new soft compression balls that offer superb distance and a prolonged ball flight thanks to their unique 566 dimple patterns and high energy cores.

Joining Mizuno’s premium RB Tour and RB Tour X golf balls, which received a place in Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice for 2019, are the RB566 and RB566V models.

The RB566 and RB566V represent Mizuno’s next generation of soft compression golf balls. Featuring unique 566 dimple patterns and large, high-energy cores that reduce driver spin and increase launch for efficient, stable flight, they deliver balanced performance and extra hang time.

“We can now produce even softer compression balls that prolong their flight through aerodynamics. A softer core works to elevate trajectory and straighten flight – and now there’s no trade off in distance,” says Norikazu Ninomiya of Mizuno Japan.

The 566 micro-dimple design helps to delay the rate of descent past the apex of the flight, thereby maximizing distance. The large, soft compression core combines stable, straighter ball flight while the Ionomer cover offers impressive greenside feel and durability.

The RB566 will suit players with mid to slower swing speeds in warm conditions and players of all swing speeds in colder, or soft ground conditions. It is also available in yellow and orange colours.

The RB566V features a 3-piece construction for maximum velocity at launch. Like the RB556, it showcases a 566 D-dimple design which has been engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of the flight, but the V delivers a slightly higher launch angle.

A low compression with a 3-piece construction and Ionomer cover, the RB566V is nimble around the greens while the high-energy Butadiene core also enhances feel and improves velocity. It’s a ball designed to suit all players in all conditions.

The RB566 has an RRP of £25 per dozen while the RB566V is £35 per dozen, both are on sale now.