Mizuno MP-15 irons revealed

The new Mizuno MP-15 irons offer both feel and added forgiveness

Mizuno MP-15
Mizuno MP-15

The new Mizuno MP-15 irons have been unveiled. The irons are designed to offer better players both feel and added forgiveness

Forgiveness without sacrificing looks and feel was the aim of the new Mizuno MP-15, which certainly appears to be every inch the classic Mizuno MP iron.

In this sense it is compact with clean lines and should enhance both feel and workability. It’s secret then, is in the Titanium Muscle insert, which helps the club maintain its thickness behind impact for a solid feel, while allowing weight to be shifted to the perimeter to provide cavity like forgiveness.

The refined Ti Muscle weighs just 10g (replacing 38g grams of steel), yet its increased curvature and thickness ensure that feel is not sacrificed to achieve off-centre forgiveness.

The profile and head-size of the Mizuno MP-15 (£115 per club) is based on the MP-64, the key difference being the 10% greater forgiveness created through the use of the Ti insert.

As the Ti insert is engineered to create off-centre stability rather than launch forgiveness, trajectory is comparable to Mizuno’s other tour irons.

Away from the insert, a tour proven sole provides subtle relief and a rounded leading edge delivers smoother turf interaction.

The short irons also have a shorter blade length than the long irons to make them more workable for attacking flags.

Watch the video below to see Mizuno staffer Luke Donald putting the new irons through their paces:


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