The new Mizuno JPX850 line of golf clubs - featuring a new driver, woods, hybrids and irons - has been unveiled


The new Mizuno JPX850 line of golf clubs – featuring a new driver, woods, hybrids and irons – has been unveiled.

It’s a range designed to offer increased ball speeds and distance through a raft of new technological developments.

Perhaps the most noteworthy is the introduction of a strong BORON material in its JPX850 Forged irons (below) and the re-introduction of a Fast Track sliding weight system in the JPX850 driver.

JPX850 Forged irons

What’s more, a shockwave sole on the JPX850 fairway woods and hybrids enabled the entire clubface to flex on impact.

“It’s rare to have so many breakthrough technologies at one time,” said Tetsuya Kanayama, Mizuno’s Senior R&D Manager.

“Normally, golf equipment evolves with incremental changes. So we are incredibly proud to unveil these breakthroughs and help golfers hit the ball further than ever before.”

Mizuno JPX850 Driver:

Watch our Mizuno JPX 850 driver test review video:


The Fast Track sliding weight system – first introduced in 2007 – enables golfers to alter a driver’s draw or fade tendency.

What’s more, the new technology allows players to customise spin rate and launch angles.

The JPX850 driver features twin 8-gram weights that can be located on either the central sliding rail, or two lateral slots.

Some 10 unique settings are available and lofts can be modified between 7.5 and 11.5 degrees using Mizuno’s Quick Switch shaft release system.

The JPX850 driver’s head is 440 cubic centilitres and boasts a Hot Metal face and Rebound Crown for increased ball speeds.

“The genius of the new Fast Track is that it adds the dimension of launch angle and spin rate,” said Chuck Couch, Mizuno’s VP Product Management.

“Now, we’re truly in control of maximising all aspects of ball flights off the tee.”

Key details:

RRP – £349
Pre-launch limited availability – November 2014
General Release – Feb 2015

Mizuno JPX850 fairway and hybrid:

The JPX850 fairway wood is designed for the better player. It produces reduced spin, low, penetrating ball flights and good workability while maintaining a generous hitting size.

A Shock Wave sole enables the entire clubhead to expand and contract on impact and the additional mass lowers the centre of gravity for higher ball speeds.

Mizuno JPX850 fairwaysA waffle crown saves weight for a low-spinning COG effect and Quick Switch adjustability allows for 4 degrees of loft movement on each head (3,5,7 woods).

The key features of the JPX850 fairway wood are also available in the hybrid, which has a more neutral profile at address.

Key details:

RRP – £219 (fairway), £179 hybrid
General release – February 2015

Mizuno JPX850 forged irons:

A new material, BORON, has been introduced to Mizuno’s Grain Forging process to create a faster-flexing face for increased ball speeds and distance.

BORON is 30% stronger than 1025E steel billets, so the face can be made thinner, combining the precision of a forged iron with the ball speeds of a modem distance iron.

A face is reinforced by a Power Frame cavity and a shorter top edge to the frame helps maintain a solid feel.

In addition, a CNC Milled pocket on the 4-7 iron increases launch angle and a short top frame edge controls vibration.

The standard JPX850 iron (below) features a power frame – which enables the entire face to flex past the competition limits placed by the USGA and R&A on drivers – and a number of new advancements, including reverse set flow, with long irons sporting longer blade lengths than pitching wedges.

JPX850 irons

“Simply increasing ball speed is not our goal – making it happen within a manageable head size is the real challenge,” said Kanayma.

“With a Power Frame we were able to take ball speeds to a completely different level – but keep it hand in hand with a nice feel and a level of workability.”

Key details:

RRP – £100 per iron (Forged), £72 per iron (regular)
General release – Sep 2014 (Forged), Feb 2015 (regular)