KBS bolsters inventory with two additional wedge-specific shafts, the 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0

KBS 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0 shafts launched

KBS has introduced two new shaft options for 2015 with the 610 Wedge and Hi Rev 2.0.

The 610 Wedge shaft, according to KBS, enables skilled players to get creative with shots into and around the green. The firm tip section (.355) reduces spin rate for tour-style knock-down shots and the wider butt from which the shaft takes its name (.610) leads to increased feel and shot-making capability. Three flexes are available between 110g and 125g (R, S and S+).

The Hi-Rev 2.0 is to replace the popular Hi-Rev wedge shaft. In contrast, the Hi-Rev 2.0 features an active tip section (.355), effectively increasing the loft of the club head resulting in a higher launch with added spin to improve stopping power. The butt diameter is .600 and three flex options between 115g and 135g are available (R, S and X).

Several major winners have adopted KBS shafts since the company’s inception seven years ago.

“KBS is the first steel shaft company to really focus on developing shafts expressly for wedges”, said Kim Braly, Director of R&D and Tour Operations and creator of the revolutionary RIFLE stepless shaft. “Along with the putter, wedges are the scoring clubs so any shaft design that helps to lower scores is going to prove popular with golfers at all levels”.

The 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0 complement the Wedge and Tour-V Wedge shafts in KBS’ wedge-specific category.

Over 150 tour professionals play KBS products including the winners of the Scottish Open, Arnold Palmer Invitational and H.P Byron Nelson Championship in 2014. In addition to the four wedge-specific offerings, KBS produces five iron shafts and a hybrid shaft, as well as customisable options.

The KBS 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0 will be available from KBS stockists with an RRP of £30.