Specialist golf glove manufacturer Kasco has launched two new gloves to improve breathability in the heat.

Specialist golf glove manufacturer, Kasco, has introduced two new gloves designed to help golfers keep their hands cool and perform in the warmest of conditions this summer.

The new Cool Soft and Cool Fit gloves incorporate special ‘Coolmax’ inserts around the knuckles to allow for maximum breathability and stretch when playing.

The material helps to keep the golfer’s hand fresh and ensures any moisture that builds up evaporates quickly to maintain a natural feel during soaring temperatures.

Head of European sales for Kasco, Matthew Hazelden, said, “keeping the hand fresh, dry and comfortable is something all golfers strive for – especially when it gets extremely hot out on the course.

“Both the Cool Soft and Cool Fit gloves do just that, but they also provide the ultimate in comfort thanks to the extremely soft and stretchy material.”

The premium Cool Soft glove, which retails at £17.99, combines a softer, classical Cabretta leather with the ‘Coolmax’ fabric for those golfers who prefer a soft-feeling glove to grip the club.

As well as the ‘Coolmax’ inserts, the Cool Fit glove retailing at £12.99 is constructed from Kasco’s ‘Neo-Flex’ synthetic material, which further increases breathability and stretch.

A ‘digital’ pad has also been added to the palm and thumb to improve grip strength and durability.

Both Kasco gloves come in Small (21-22cm), Medium (23-24cm), Large (25-26cm) and Extra Large (27-28cm) sizes and are available in black or white colour options.

For more information on the Cool Soft, Cool Fit and all other Kasco gloves, please visit www.brandfusionltd.co.uk.