Golf Pride Add MicroSuede Grip To Tour Wrap Family

A unique surface finish delivers a soft feel and added traction

Golf Pride Add MicroSuede Grip To Tour Wrap Family

Golf Pride Add MicroSuede Grip To Tour Wrap Family - The new Golf Pride grip should offer a uniquely soft feel and added traction in all conditions

Golf Pride Add MicroSuede Grip To Tour Wrap Family

Golf Pride has announced the expansion to its popular Tour Wrap line of grips with the addition of the Tour Wrap MicroSuede.

The Tour Wrap MicroSuede is engineered with an additive finishing process that produces a brushed surface finish, delivering both a uniquely soft feel and added traction.

The grip features the popular wrap style grip construction for enhanced finger nesting. It provides a differentiated feel from that of a traditional wrapped grip and will help golfer maintain a better hold in higher humidity areas or wet conditions.


The new MicroSuede will be available in both the standard and midsize and will also be sold in a distinctive smoke grey colour.

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It sits alongside the Align range, which features a raised ridge with a micro-diamond texture that runs along the underside. This physical texture aids consistent hand placement and heightened clubface awareness, which will promote a square clubface both at address and impact.

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“The Tour Wrap franchise has an incredibly loyal following,” said Bruce Miller, product manager at Golf Pride.

“This new MicroSuede technology feels very different than anything else in the family. While the Tour Wrap 2G is renowned for delivering high tack, the new Tour Wrap MicroSuede provides incredibly soft traction. It instantly conveys confidence, while providing a unique feel, different than any other wrap style grip we have made.”

Golf Pride have many popular grips on tour including their MCC Align, MCC and Tour Velvet grips.

The new Tour Wrap MicroSuede is set to go head-to-head with these. It will be available to purchase at retail from September 2019.

Golf Pride is recognised as one of the top choices of grips among Tour and recreational players, club manufacturers and club repairmen.

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