The Swedish brand will supply the team with outerwear at both the 2016 and 2018 tournaments.

Galvin Green will be the Official Team supplier of outerwear for the European Ryder Cup teams in 2016 and 2018.

The brand will supply waterproofs to all of the members of Darren Clarke’s team at Hazeltine next year, as well as to the side that compete in France two years later.

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The rain suits provided by Galvin Green to the team in Minnesota next year will be available to buy after the tournament has concluded.

Galvin Green’s Ryder Cup collection was also made available to normal golfers prior to Europe’s success at Glenagles last year and they will do the same again to mark 2018, with the collection scheduled to be released before the tournament next September.

Richard Hills, European Ryder Cup Director, said, “[Galvin Green] garments proved to be very popular when part of the official Ryder Cup range at Gleneagles and we are particularly pleased to have one of the most sought-after outerwear brands in golf supporting Europe when they defend the trophy next year.”

The garments set to be worn by the players are currently undergoing a rigorous testing process, which involves subjecting them to at least 50 hours of different playing conditions.

Mats Lundqvist, lead designer, said, “Our ambition is to create a thoroughly modern-looking, standout rain suit that has all the hallmarks of a traditional Galvin Green outfit in stretch fabric that offers great playability.

“It will be a little bit different in appearance to anything seen before at The Ryder Cup, while remaining a jacket and trouser combination that makes the wearer feel good out on the course and able to play well in less than perfect weather.”

The final type of clothing supplied is yet to be confirmed, with a full-zip or half-zip jacket design among one of the factors being considered. A short-sleeved waterproof may also be an option.

Mike Johnson-Hill, Managing Director of Galvin Green UK & Ireland, said, “According to local weather forecasts, there is a chance of light rain or drizzle falling in the Minneapolis area on any given day during late September and October, so team members may well need to pull on their Galvin Green waterproofs to perform at their best.”

Details of the current Galvin Green ranges can be found at