Custom fitting arrives at The Grove

The team of experts that designs and provides all the leading brands of precision golf clubs for many European Tour stars is now offering its high-tech service to all levels of golfer who visit The Grove, the renowned golf resort close to London

All successful players have every aspect of their clubs from head, shaft and grip personally tailored to suit their golf swing in order to maximise their performance, ball flight and accuracy and are supported by mobile workshops wherever they play.

Now Tour 59, the leading independent service provider on the European circuit is broadening its scope to help all aspiring golfers to improve and will bring its fully equipped workshop to The Grove in between its tour commitments.

The detailed process involves analysing the golfer s individual swing traits, his or her ball flight characteristics and finding out what needs to be achieved to produce better on course results. All analysis is conducted outdoors from a grass surface which enables a highly accurate fit and recommendation. This then leads to the perfect synergy of clubhead and shaft from a comprehensive range of leading brands and components and assembling the set ready for play.

As on the tournament circuit, a club can be built in minutes and is then tested outdoors using The Grove s extensive facilities and the ball flight monitored for instant feedback before final adjustments are made. The entire procedure from analysis to finished customised new set of clubs can take no more than 90 minutes with the new owner confident that his or her golf equipment is perfectly suited to their swing for maximum performance.

Spencer Schaub, Director of Golf at The Grove, says: We are delighted to have this association as it supports our commitment to working with each golfer as an individual through our personalised tuition programme headed by Head Professional Kevin Merry, (Master of Golf Fitness), and now through a personalised approach to club fitting

The Tour 59 analysis programme which costs £80 can also be used for additional services such as repairs, shaft upgrades, specialist wedge grinding and putter fitting.

The mobile workshop is scheduled to be at The Grove on the following dates : July 9-24, July 28-31, August 1-3,August 7-9, August 15-17,August 21-23 , August 29-31, September 1-6, September 12-20, September 26-30.

To make an appointment, book via Golf Reservations: 01923 294266.

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